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January 3, 2011

Something a little Sparkly

Today I'm contemplating taking down my Christmas tree and all the decorations, but... I don't want to.  Yes, everything is dusty and a thorough cleaning is in order, but after some careful consideration, I've finally figured out it's the sparkle I don't want to lose.
I didn't realize it before, but, I'm a sparkly kinda gal.  OK before you get all worried, I'm not one of those people covered in bling, or has her house decorated with glitz all over, but a room does need a tiny bit of sparkle.

Think of a beautiful table set with glowing stemware like these above from Kimberley Seldon. These champagne flutes say "Cheers" in 8 different languages.

What about a new dining room chandelier?  I love this one above by James R. Moder

Or what do you think of these gorgeous tiles?
 These by the Glass Tile outlet are beautiful.  Makes me want to redo my entire ensuite!

 As we go through the winter, now is the time to really 'reflect' (pardon the pun, I just couldn't resist) on bringing the light inside. Every room does need a little sparkle, something to reflect the light within your home.  Look around your room, is it dark? Flat feeling? Needing a little zing?

 Our homes do influence our mood, as we start the New Year; why not make 2011 the best it can be?
If you need help with the sparkle factor please contact me at Reflections Interior Designs. I'd love to give you the home of your dreams!


  1. Love the champagne flutes! Now a pair of those would definitely get me motivated to take down my tree .

  2. Yes, those Flutes are beautiful. I was listening to Kimberley Seldon say that she was shocked to get a call from the Oprah team saying they wanted to feature those glasses in the Oprah magazine and show! Oprah said they were in her top 50 list! Can you imagine getting a call like that?


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