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January 16, 2011

What Inspires you?

You know you're an interior designer when... I'm looking at my cute little doggy and it hits me... he is a perfect neutral colour combination!  Gray, cream,  a tiny bit of tan and black!
Jil McDonald interior designer photo
Looking at his silky hair gave me the inspiration to paint my whole house - and paint it in his colours!
My first thought was, hmmm... does he go with the carpet?  Yup.
The existing furniture? Yup.
OK, what about the granite counter top and dark cabinets.  Well, sorta, but maybe I'll paint the cabinets cream. for now we'll have to ignore the busy granite.
When selecting colours we need to ensure that they relate to other things in the home.

  The move nowadays is to more of a fresh, clean palette, gray works to balance these colours. We're moving away from the browns and the dusty colours.  Yippee! So, we'll go with gray and creams, with a touch of black for sharp accents.

A few years ago I had a client, single male, who did not know what colour he wanted.  Everything else in his house was white - other than the 50" flat screen TV.  I asked him if I could look in his closet and... it was full of Canuck jerseys (at the time they were wearing dark red and steel blue).

 Well we decided to go with the dark red (Sundried Tomato) for his basement suite , with a steel blue bedroom (Black Pepper).  It looked fantastic.  He was only home during the nights, and loved watching movies, so for him, these dark rich colours worked beautifully.  We used his closet to inspire us - imagine that.

When looking for a new colour scheme, take a look around your home, there's lots to inspire you!

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