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March 23, 2011

Colour, colour, colour!

Last week I met Sharon Grech of City Line TV.

Sharon Grech

She was hosting a seminar about upcoming colour trends in 2011. I’ve seen her for years and have always wanted to meet this little fireball!  She is a Benjamin Moore expert and focuses on updating clients lives with fantastic and inspirational paint colours.
She had mentioned a poll was done where clients were asked which was the most difficult area of design --in projects ranging from $1,000 to $100,000.  80% of the respondents stated CHOOSING THE WALL COLOUR was the most difficult aspect of interior design.  The reason is, it is very difficult to imagine or visualize colour!
Dog house show the difference between men and women’s thinking.  This graph shows the names of colour in women’s minds and in men’s minds.
The chart above kind of makes sense doesn’t it?    Unfortunately.

Sharon explained many things impact colour forecasting such as:
Trends in society
The economy
Pop culture
Sharon had mentioned a good place to start finding your style is to look at the trend forecasts then narrow it down to what you find pleasing.
In other words if dark grey is trendy, but you are unsure if you like it, perhaps just use it as an accent wall or in slate grey vases etc.
Gray vase

It’s amazing how fashion can change your perception of colour.  I didn’t formerly like Fuchsia as a colour. Several years ago when it was in style -as a clothing colour- I started wearing fuchsia and quite enjoyed it. Now that the grey trend is here I find fuchsia a colourful accent to liven up the grey tones.

Spring wreath

More and more I find people are not filling up their homes; but are now filling up their lives.  Excess is gone and  a more balanced and thought provoking lifestyle is prevailing. Let’s only keep items in our homes that we truly love or truly need.
At Reflections Interior Designs, we'd love to help make your house a home!

March 8, 2011

15 Essential Steps you need to know, when designing your dream home. Part 5 of 5

So, let’s review our 15 essential steps when designing your dream home, we’ve looked at steps 1-12 so far:

Steps 1-3
1. Selecting your perfect structure
2. Floor plans and elevations

3. Function

Steps 4-6

4. Budget
5. Mood and Style
6. Overall design

Steps 7-9
7. Bathroom and Kitchen design
8. Furniture Plan
9. Lighting plan

Steps 10-12
10. Window covering
11. Fabric
12. Wall colour
Now... we move on to the last 3 steps 13, 14 and 15 !

13. Styling: 
Now that you have a complete plan, you can shop! Now it's time for accessories. For rhythm, you need objects that repeat. Instead of one candlestick on your sideboard in your dining room, what about 3 of the same?  This way our accessories have more of an impact.

Santa Rita Ave traditional dining room

Ask yourself repeatedly through this process -- are my choices consistent with my commitment to the desired ambiance?  If not go back through a few steps.  You cannot compromise here and get the room of your dreams.

William Hefner Architecture Interiors & Landscape traditional dining room

Continuously keep the mood of your room in mind.  Try to do all of your accessorizing and styling within a short period of time in order to keep to one style.  Note: 80 percent of the design of a room should be in one focused style and 20 percent can vary.  This 20 percent will certainly stand out. Fully complete one room, before moving onto the next.

14.  Edit your choices: 
Keep the concepts of harmony and balance in mind when editing your ideas. I find this stage often takes the most time.  Your final choices should please the eye, feel balanced, and create your desired mood.  Our eyes need to rest so don't be afraid to have a little bare space, that helps make everything else pop.

15. Finally - Relax: 
Designing  a home is not easy.  There are important choices to be made and made quickly.  Having a game plan and following it does ease the stress.
Now we're all done, kick back, relax and enjoy your beautiful new home!

Haven traditional bedroom
traditional bedroom design by Houston interior designer A Waters

OK, are we ready?  Questions?  I'd love to help.
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