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May 10, 2013

Trend Forecast for Home Design 2013 - 2014 Part 1 of 2

I had the good fortune of attending Design Camp in Seattle last week.  Among the brilliant speakers and interior designers was the gorgeous and down to earth Bill Indursky.  Here's part one of a two part series!

Bill comes from an impressive art and fashion background, even dabbling in pottery in his early years.  I was lucky enough to stroll through an art gallery alone with him and Interior Designer Linda Holt, and quiz him on upcoming trends.

He's known for his outrageous clothing choices, when he's speaking he always dresses to show a trend.   When I met him, he was rocking a kilt with these crazy, large,  forearm metal cuffs - indicative of the Egyptian trend that is soon arriving.

Sorry for bad photo!  

Without further ado, here are our trends for 2013:

Raw:  a lot of raw materials have been making their rounds last year.  Expect to see more raw woods, raw metals, rusted metals, weathered looking tables and chairs.  With the chaos of the recent years financial decline, we're looking for more reality, something stable.

Weathered furniture Restoration Hardware

Pattern play:  lettering is hot, in pillows, artwork, decor and wall murals.  We're digging the all over letter pattern such as shown on this dramatic ceiling.

Dramatic license:  over the top design, heavy on the contrast and statement pieces.
What do you think?  Are you seeing a large purple chair in your living room?

Oversized and dramatic is key!

The Ancients:  Classic looks, Neo Greek key.  Egyptian columns and room dividers, Grecian urns, patterned wallpaper showing old ruins, Parthenon looking furniture...

Flintstones furniture:  Remember the Flintstones show?  I know you do!  We'll be seeing lots of heavy furniture reminiscent of Fred's abode.  Lots of Rock looking, square and rounded heavy chairs with no legs, padded 'stones' to lounge on.

Flintstone's type chair


Well, I hate to say it, but Bill says:  Gray is out and Brown and beige are back and here to stay!
At the Design Centre in Seattle, all we saw were various versions of beige, dark brown and cream.  I even took him aside twice and asked him to clarify this (I'm just not a brown fan!), but no, gray has had it's day and we're back to beige and brown again.

Linda Holt covers this topic more in depth in her post "It's baaaack, shocking color trends"